WASHINGTON, DC, 5 February 2021 – US President Joe Biden has expressed his eagerness to “rebuild partnerships around the world and reengage with international institutions like the African Union”.

“We must all work together to advance our shared vision of a better future,” Biden said in a video message.

US President Joe Biden - University of Southern California

United States President Joe Biden – University of Southern California

He saluted the “continent-wide spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation” of the African people, notably praising “the energy and resilience of Africa’s young people”.

Biden’s video message sent the “best wishes of the people of the United States to the people of Africa” on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the African Union.

“We believe in the nations of Africa,” he said, committing to work with African leaders on achieving what he called a shared future.

He described that shared future as one of “growing trade and investments that advances prosperity for all our nations”.

He committed to work with African countries on a future that advances “peace and security for all citizens… committed to investing in democratic institutions, and promoting human rights for all peoples”.

Africa's Young Entrepreneurs - Photo Enterprise CEO

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs – Photo Enterprise CEO

The priorities for America will include promoting the rights of women and girls, ending gender-based violence and discrimination, “the rights of people with disabilities and [people] of every ethnic background, religion and heritage”.

The last year, Biden said, “has shown us how interconnected our world is; how our fates are bound up together”.

Protecting the Rights of African Girls - Photo Pinterest

Upholding Girls’ Rights – Photo Pinterest

Protecting the rights of Africans with Disabilities - Photo The Borgen Project

Protecting the rights of Africans with Disabilities – Photo The Borgen Project

To achieve that “shared future”, the American leader pledged to work with his African peers to “confront the serious challenges we face… investing more on global health, defeating COVID19 and working to prevent, detect and respond to future health crises”.

Biden also committed to work with his African peers to achieve what he described as “health security”.

Biden said Washington under his tenure will engage in “sustained diplomacy” which would “address conflicts that are costing lives all across the African continent”.

The American leader admitted that the task ahead is daunting, adding: “None of this is going to be easy”.

He promised that the United States under his leadership will be Africa’s “partner in solidarity, support and mutual respect”.

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