ALGIERS, 10 February 2021 – Algerian authorities have accused local and foreign groups of seeking to destabilize the north African country, according to an editorial in the army magazine.

The editorial named neither the local nor foreign groups alleged to be involved in the exercise, although the mention of the groups acting contrary to diplomatic norms suggested that the accused are countries.

Algerians in Street Protests - Photo The East African

Street Protests Expected in Algeria Starting Feb. 22 – Photo The East African

Algeria, the editorial said, “rejects any tutelage or impositions from any party or any foreign interference”.

According to the editorial, “hostile parties… with vile intentions” seek to push the country into chaos.

“This is within a scheme aimed primarily at striking the credibility of the People’s National Armed Forces,” the editorial continued, noting that soldiers in the Algerian Army stand ready to “fulfill the covenant of the righteous martyrs”.

The editorial may have been written in response to the announcement by the “22 February Initiative” of what it described as the inevitable and strong return of peaceful protest rallies across the country.

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