PARIS, 4 March 2021 – The French army “tortured and murdered” Algerian nationalist, Ali Boumendjel, during Algeria’s war of indepdndence, French President Emmanuel Macron has admitted.

Boumendjel was arrested during the Battle of Algiers in 1957, tortured and executed before his death was disguised as a suicide.

The French Army Murdered Algerian Nationalist Ali Boumendjel - Photo BBC

The French Army Murdered Algerian Nationalist Ali Boumendjel – Photo BBC

Macron made the admission to the grandchildren of the nationalist during a meeting on Tuesday.

The Algerian hero was “placed in solitary confinement, tortured, then assassinated on 23 March 1957,” the Elysee Palace said in a statement,

Boumendjel’s “fights and his courage forever marked the spirits of Algeria and France,” the statement said.

Aftr his death, the body was thrown from the sixth floor of a building to suggest that he had committed suicide.

At 37 years at the time and a lawyer, Boumendjel played a very prominent role in Alergia’s campaign for independence.

French President Emmanuel Macron - Photo Deccan Herald

French President Emmanuel Macron – Photo Deccan Herald

The Elysee Palace confirmed that Paul Aussaresses, the former head of French intelligence in Algiers, confessed in 2000 to ordering the death.

Boumendjel’s wife, Malika, died last year without finally obliging the French to admit to their guilty in the matter.

She was also fighting for but did not get closure on other family members who went missing in 1957.

Macron promised Tuesday to open up the archives to allow family members to find out what happened to their loved ones who were “disappeared”.

The Elysee Palace said the recognition of the hero’s death “was not an isolated act”, adding: “no crime, no atrocity committed by anyone during the Algerian War can be excused or concealed”.

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