ALGIERS, 25 February 2021 – Algeria has returned to being a net exporter of gasoline, the first-time it is doing so in the last decade, the Algerian Press Agency reported Wednesday.

SONATRACH, the country’s state hydrocarbon company and sole domestic refiner of the country’s crude oil, says it produced 9.5 million tons of diesel and 3.4 million tons of gasoline in 2020.

Oil Tanker Exports Gas - Photo Middle East Online

Oil Tanker – Photo Middle East Online

Algeria's Gas Exports - The North Africa Post

Gas Output Up – North Africa Post

Diesel is the most in-demand product of distillation of crude oil in the country.

Until 2009, Algeria was the only one of the top three African oil producers that was self-sufficient in hydrocarbons.

The other two top African producers – Angola and Nigeria – are not self-sufficient.

Over the last 14 years, Africa’s biggest oil producer, Nigeria, has tried but failed to end its reliance on fuel imports.

Offshore Oil Production Facility - Photo Africa Oil & Power

Offshore Oil Production Facility – Photo Africa Oil & Power

The west African nation imports more than 90 percent of products like gasoline and diesel, swapping its exports of crude for petroleum products.

Africa’s second biggest oil producer, Angola – with an output of about 1.37 million barrels of oil per day and 17,904.5 million cubic feet of natural gas production – is not self-sufficient in hydrocarbons either.

Sources of Energy in Algeria - Science

Sources of Energy in Algeria – Source: Science

Algeria ended its imports of diesel in March 2020 and ceased its import of gasoline in August of the same year.

The north African country increased its production of oil and condensate processed by 7.4 percent, compared to 2019, from 27.2 million tonnes to 29.1 million tonnes.

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