ALGIERS, 9 March 2021 – Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has rubbished reports that his country will send troops to the Sahel region to fight alongside French troops there.

Algeria’s People National Army (ANP) dismissed allegations that Algerian troops would be deployed to support the French-led military operations in the Sahel.

Algerian Tebboune - No Plan to Send Troops to the Sahel - Photo Daly Herald

Algerian Tebboune – No Plan to Send Troops to the Sahel – Photo Daly Herald

The ANP said it was pure propaganda aimed at offending national institutions.

“Algeria is not sending any troops to the Sahel any time soon”, said Tebboune without outrightly denying the news reports.

The Algerian leader accused Morocco and its “Zionist allies” for fabricating the story.

Officials in Rabat said French President Emmanuel Macron announced during a televised press conference that Algerian troops are operating in the French campaign to root out terrorists from the Sahel.

The Sahel Region - Source TRT World

Sahel Region – Source TRT World

French Troops in the Sahel - Al Jazeera

Troops in the Sahel – Al Jazeera

This exposes the lies and misinformation that the ANP has been feeding the Algerian people, officials in Rabat said Tuesday.

The Algerian embassy in Algiers was on the same side with Algerian officials.

“At the conference of heads of state of the G5 Sahel countries, President Macron never affirmed that Algeria had committed to a military intervention within the framework of [a Sahel} force.,” the embassy wrote on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

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