ALGIERS, 2 January 2021 – No fewer than 21 people were killed in a road accident Friday night in a border town on Algeria’s border with Mali and Niger.

The victims, who include children, were killed after a pickup truck, overloaded with people, overturned instantly killing a majority of those on board.

Eleven passengers were injured as they were being rushed to hospital, according to eyewitnesses cited Friday by Algerian media.

Photo Algerie Press Service

The accident occurred near the town of Ain Amguel in Tamanrasset province, about 200 km south of the Algerian capital, Algiers.

A cause for the accident has not been determined by the Algerian Gendarmerie which has opened a probe.

Deadly road accidents occur frequently in Algeria.

The country’s Natonal Road Safety Agency said 3,275 people were killed and 31,000 others injured in 22,507 road accidents reported to the police all across Algeria in 2019.

Sub-Saharan African migrants trying to reach Europe are known to try to sneak through Algeria.

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