BEKORA, 28 March 2021 – French-speaking Cameroonian occupation forces have summarily executed three adolescent boys in the village of Bekora, Southern Cameroons.

Bekora is situated in the southern zone of the self-declared breakaway Republic of Ambazonia aka Southern Cameroons, not too far from the agricultural town of Ekondo Titi.

The town of Ekondo Titi is situated close to the mangrove forests and the creeks that separate Southern Cameroons from the neighboring Cross River State of Nigeria.

Ekondo Titi Located on the Edge of the National Korup Park - Photo Cameroon Radio Television

Ekondo Titi Located on the Edge of the National Korup Park – Photo CRTV

Ekondo Titi Southern Cameroons

Ekondo Titi Southern Cameroons

Africa Freedom Network has confirmed that the three English-speaking Southern Cameroonian teens were rounded up, severely tortured and executed by French-speaking soldiers sent into Ambazonia by the annexationist regime of Cameroon’s tyrant, Paul Biya.

The youngest of the victims is 14-years-old and the oldest just recently turned 18, according to members of their families, some of whom are seen in a video gone viral.

Paul Biya, 88, in power since 1982, sent French-speaking soldiers into English-speaking Southern Cameroons on 30 November 2017, two months after Southern Cameroonians unilaterally declared the restoration of the independence of this former United Nations British Trusteeship Territory.

The Star Newspaper Cover of 4 December 2017 - Photo Quora

The Star Newspaper Cover of 4 December 2017 – Photo Quora

The video confirms that the teens were mercilessly tortured, including getting stabbed multiple times and on several parts of their bodies.

Two of the bodies have broken legs and arms, with knife wounds on the ribs, thighs and on their backs.

Video of the three mortal remains – too gruesome to share here – allows viewers to note that one of the three teenagers probably had his left leg bent at the knee – from the back towards the front – until the knee snapped in the opposite direction.

The remains of the first teenager shows that he was stabbed on his chest, ribs and at several points on his right thigh, according to relatives who prepared the mortal remains for burial.

The executioners left the teenager dripping in his blood, with so much blood flowing on the leather pair of pants he was wearing that the leather is covered in blood and the white T-shirt is completely soaked in his blood.

By the time the smart phone video posted on WhatsApp was shot, rigor mortis had already set in on the mortal remains of the three teenagers.

Their bodies have stiffened permanently into the last posture the victims were in just before being executed.

Three Teens Tortured and Summarily Executed in Bekora

Three Teens Tortured and Summarily Executed in Bekora – Photo ScreenGrab from Viral WhatsApp Video

As the smart phone camera pans around the scene of the executions, viewers can view more details of the second adolescent.

He, too, has been severely tortured.

Both of this second teenager’s arms were broken during the torture that he endured.

His right and left arms have several knife cuts, three of them spaced out in between the victim’s wrist and his elbow.

His left hand has two stabbing wounds. His right eye was completely yanked out of its socket during torture. His left eye is half plucked out of its socket. His forehead and right jaw show perforations from either knife wounds or injuries from another sharp object.

The second teenager died with both of his arms outstretched in a position suggestive of someone pleading for mercy from executioners towering over him. With rigor mortis already set in, the two arms are stuck in that outstretched position.

The teen’s mouth is wide open in death, likely from him crying out for help or mercy as he was being executed.

The smart phone video camera pans further to show the mortal remains of the third teenager. He, too, was tortured and stabbed multiple times on his back.

He is lying on his black, looking into the sky, his mouth open. One of his relatives is leaning over his remains, struggling to pull his mouth closed. Blood from the back of the teenager has robbed off the leg of the relative as he tried to ensure that the teenager looks dignified in his eternal sleep.

The teen’s black T-shirt is soaked in his blood at the back, likely from a bullet going through his abdomen and coming out of the gaping wound in the teen’s back.

It appears, from the reaction of the villagers, that Bekora residents at the scene are discovering the mortal remains at the same time as the video is being shot. They are seen seen shouting in shock and wailing as the smart phone camera pans left and right.

Extrajudicial Executions of Teens in Bekora Killings

Extrajudicial Executions of Teens in Bekora Village – Photo WhatsApp ScreenGrab

The video from Bekora surfaced online only hours after pictures went viral online as well. The pictures reportedly showed a crowd of mostly young men, rounded up and summarily executed by French-speaking occupation forces in the village of Mbonge, situated to the east of both Bekora and Ekondo Titi.

Extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances by Biya occupation forces are rampant across Southern Cameroons, ever since millions of civilians poured into the streets to show their support for the restoration of their independence on 22 September 2017 and 1 October 2017.

The Biya regime responded with blind repression and a scotch earth policy that has, so far killed more than 13,000 civilians, razed more than 500 villages to the ground, driven two million people from their homes and over 200,000 into exile and refugee camps in neighboring Nigeria.

Southern Camerons celebrate Independence Restored on 1 October 2017

Millions of Southern Cameroons Celebrated Restoration of Independence on 22 Sept. & 1 Oct. 2017

Pro-independence campaigners seek the restoration of the independence of English-speaking Southern Cameroons from French-speaking Cameroon The latter – a former United Nations French Trusteeship Territory – obtained independence independence on 1 January 1960 within international boundaries that did not include Southern Camerons.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 1609(XV) on 21st April 1961, granting independence to Southern Camerons that should have become effective on 1st October 1961.

Stamp of French-speaking Cameroon Independent within Boundaries without Southern Cameroons - Photo Medium

Stamp of French-speaking Cameroon Independent in 1960 without Ambazonia – Medium

Southern Cameroons - Source Nationalia

Ambazonia – Source Nationalia

Instead, the more densely populated and militarily stronger French-speaking Cameroon violated the agreement setting up a loose confederation of “two states, equal in status”, imposing itself as the new colonial power over the people of Southern Cameroons.

Pro-independence campaigners seek to establish a new country known as Ambazonia.

They are calling on the United Nations to recognize that the confederation of The Cameroons has failed.

John Ngu Foncha, Prime Minister of Southern Cameroons at Independence

John Ngu Foncha, Prime Minister of Southern Cameroons at Independence

Campaigners say their case has already been made by international law, by United Nations resolutions which recognize their right to separate from Cameroon and by international jurisprudence.

They cite the peaceful separation of parties to the confederation of Egypt and Syria and the confederation of Senegal and The Gambia. In each case, the parties to the defunct confederations were allowed to go their separate ways.

French-speaking Cameroon, with the support of France, which joined Cameroon and all other French-speaking African countries (except Mali) in voting in 1961 against the independence of Southern Cameroons, is slaughtering Ambazonians in a desperate effort  to maintain colonial control over Southern Cameroons.

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