BUEA, AMBAZONIA, 15 JUNE 2018 – Voter registration is historically low across the newly proclaimed Republic of Ambazonia, formerly the United Nations British Trusteeship Territory of Southern Cameroons, where citizens pledging allegiance to Ambazonia say they will boycott any elections organized by the regime of the Republic of Cameroon.

So far, only 3 percent of all those already registered to vote in local, legislative and presidential elections initially planned for October 2018 but now due to be postponed are from or based in Ambazonia, according to news reports citing figures from the National Electoral Commission (ELECAM).

Ambazonia accounts for 25 percent of the population of the Cameroons.

Ambazonian liberation movements have called for a boycott of the polls whenever they hold on the grounds that Ambazonia is a different nation from Cameroon.

A new leader for ELECAM was appointed recently after members of the organization blamed the former leader of “opaque use of financial resources and staffing.”

Last May 18, the US Ambassador to Cameroon blamed government security forces for carrying out “targeted killings” and human rights violations.

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