The United States is expanding support to Somalia, investing close to $900 million in mostly humanitarian assistance, according to the American Mission to the Horn of Africa country.

The United States embassy reopened in Mogadishu in early December 2018, a month after Ambassador Donald Yamamoto was appointed top American diplomat to the country.

“The United States is meeting life-saving humanitarian assistance needs; expanding education and healthcare; building institutions, good governance, and justice; creating jobs and advancing economic development; and providing stabilization and security for the people of Somalia,” read a statement from Ambassador Yamamoto.

An estimated $420 million will be invested in humanitarian assistance along with $110 million devoted to help establish good governance, improve conflict resolution, and foster justice through judicial reforms.

Washington has indicated its willingness to consider debt relief which it believes is needed in order to attract investors and boost Somalia’s development.

[Ambassador Yamamoto. Photo courtesy of US State Department]

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