Angola is leading a new initiative known as Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace aimed at using culture to foster peace across Africa.

The first edition of the Luanda-Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace will take place in the Angolan capital, Luanda, in September 2019, according to a media statement from UNESCO distributed online by the APO Group.

The initiative is a partnership bringing together UNESCO, the Government of Angola and the continental body, African Union.

The first Biennale of Luanda in 2019 will host a festival of cultures showcasing cultural diversity. It will have a space for intellectual reflection on culture; a sports events and efforts to mobilize partners.

Consistent with UNESCO’s operational strategy for Priority Africa (2014-2021), the initiative will advance conflict resolution and violence prevention. It will facilitate cultural exchanges, inter-generational dialogue and gender equality across the continent. It will also facilitate the dissemination of artistic works, ideas and knowledge pertaining to the culture of peace, bringing together governments, civil society, the arts, sciences and international organizations.

[Illustrations from the Official Website of the Government of Angola]

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