BUJUMBURA, 10 January 2021 – The government of Burundi announced Friday that it will shutdown the country’s borders effective Monday, January 11 at 12.01am.

“All land and maritime borders will be closed for circulation of people, except transport of goods,” Burundi’s Committee to Fight the Coronavisus Pandemic read in part.

Helicopter on the ground at Bujumbura Airport

Helicopter on the ground at Bujumbura Airport – Photo Trip Advisor

Travelers arriving at airports across Burundi will be obliged to start a supervised seven-day quarantine while lodged in pre-designated hotels.

Locating Burundi

Locating Burundi – Source The Economist

All passengers must consent to a COVID-19 screening test at the airport.

They must also take another test on the sixth-day of the compulsory quarantine.

Only passengers who test negative for the new coronavirus will be allowed to go about the rest of their business.

Those who fail the screening either upon arrival or aftter the seven-day quarantine will be admitted to hospitals.

After two months of reporting no new positive cases of the new coronavirus, Burundi last Wednesday reported 40 positive cases.

Burundi’s public health officials have confirmed 885 coronavirus cases with two fatalities and 773 full recoveries since the virus was first detected in the country in April 2020.

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