GITEGA, 13 March 2021 – The world’s leading taste and nutrition company, Kerry, has announced a partnership with the World Food Program (WFP) to improve nutrition outcomes in Burundi.

Kerry announced details of the initiative known as Project Amata aimed at enhancing the production and availability of safe, sustainable milk for children and communities in the Gitega province of Burundi.

Goat Farming in Burundi - Photo ILRI Clippings

Goat Farming in Burundi – Photo ILRI Clippings

Improving Nutrition Outcomes in Burundi - Photo IFPRI

Improving Nutrition Outcomes in Burundi – Photo IFPRI

Kerry will invest $750,000 and, over the three-year course along with WFP experts, will work alongside Burundian farmers to build milk production capacity.

Much-needed equipment and training will be provided, covering key areas of livestock management and milk production.

“This is an example of how Kerry, WFP and local agencies can work together towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger,” said Edmond Scanlon, Chief Executive of Kerry Group.

The project will replicate the success of an earlier project known as Project Leche which helped farmers in Honduras create a safer and more sustainable milk supply.

Working to Improving Nutrition Outcomes in Burundi - Food & Business Knowledge Platform

Improving Nutrition Outcomes – Food & Business Knowledge Platform

Project Leche improved the health of thousands of Honduran children, as well as enhancing economic opportunity and better living conditions for the community.

About 65 percent of Burundians live below the poverty line and chronic malnutrition affects over half the 11 million inhabitants of the country.

Milk is one of the few sources of animal protein available to children in Burundi, but on average children receive just two cups per month – the lowest frequency of milk consumption in east Africa.

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