MAROUA, 8 January 2021 – An attack Thursday by Boko Haram militants has killed 14 people in the town of Mozogo in Cameroon’s Far North Region.

Villagers took to their heels, taking refuge in nearby bushes, as soon as they released that the insurgents were marching on the village.

Location Mozogo Far North Cameroun

Location Mozogo Far North Cameroun

A suicide bomber who, reportedly hid among the fleeing villagers, detonated the explosives he was wearing, killing eleven people on the spot.

Gunmen opened fire on another crowd of fleeing villagers, killing three more people, according to an account of the attack attributed in media reports Friday to Boukar Medjewe, the major of Mozogo.

The insurgents have killed neary six dozen people in Cameroon’s northern-most region since the beginning of December 2020, according to officials in Maroua, capital of the region.

Masked Boko Haram insurgents allegedly surrendering in Far North Cameroon

Masked Boko Haram Fighters – Photo The Peninsula Qatar

The success of raids by the jihadist group in the northern parts of Cameroon belie the claim by the government in the capital, Yaounde, that Cameroonian forces have defeated Boko Haram.

Mayor Boukar Medjewe said Cameroon’s armed and security forces arrived the town quickly after the attack started, but could neither attack or arrest the insurgents who, according to his account, melted into the civilian population.

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