Fellow Ambazonians and the international community should be informed that those who placed the weapon in the hands of this kid; those who scripted this scene and helped the child to perform while they filmed it, are agents of Colonial Cameroun. Their goal is to smear Ambazonia’s legitimate and legal struggle for self-determination and their goal to win freedom from recolonization.

Do not take my word for it. If you have received the video, please play it all over again and watch carefully. At about the 38th second of the video, at the point where this fake child soldier begins to reference Popaul, you will notice a soldier walk into the background scene. The soldier is walking around the fence. 

Please, zoom in on the image at that point. Your ears will see your eyes. The soldier is in fatigues, complete with army boots, with his pants fitted into the top edges of the boots. This soldier is passing within earshot and eyesight of the scene being filmed by these Biya agents of evil.

Think about it. The mere presence of that soldier passing within earshot and eyesight – meaning in the full view of those who scripted and are filming the scene – proves beyond any doubt that those staging and filming this scene cannot be Ambazonian Restoration Forces. If they were, surely they would have attacked the soldier instead of just prompting the fake child soldier to make threats about some future military exploits. 

Those filming this scene are on the same team as the military fellow seen passing in the background. That is why the soldier is not attacked. That is why the fake child soldier can be displaying that weapon in a war zone and within eyesight of a passing soldier without showing any fear or concern. 
Which should remind all Ambazonians of the scene that one gendarmerie post in Bamenda tried to stage with two children last week. The children, we were told, were too young to even carry the weapon they were supposed to be filmed with. Their failure to cooperate, we are told, led to them being beaten to death. Remember?

A desperate Biya regime is working hard but continues to be busted. As our people would say: “Dia dross di show!”
No Ambazonian should ever think of recruiting children into armed conflict or putting weapons in their hands. It is a war crime. The Biya regime should be left alone to perpetrate such crimes.

As for us, Ambazonians, we have done our job by flagging this to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and to the United Nations. The evidence is on tape. The perfect crime was not so perfect after all. Framing restorationists forces will take a lot more lies and more careful filming.
They tried to frame the kidnapping of PSS Nkwen students, but the mask fell when their lead kidnapper and a soldier of their armed forces, uncovered the juju in the presence of cameras, women and children. They tried to frame the young children at the gendarmerie post in Bamenda, but got busted. They staged the shutting down of the Bamenda-Bafoussam road, but got busted. They have tried to stage 7-Kata forces in some uniform only to be busted as well. “Aaah say eee go hard them!”

To learn more about the gravity of the crime involved in this video set-up by the Biya regime, please visit the website of the UN Secretary General’s Special Rapporteur on this issue. It reminds all that the “recruitment and use of children during conflict is one of the six grave violations identified and condemned by the UN Security Council.  The six grave violations form the basis of the Council’s architecture to monitor, report and respond to abuses suffered by children in times of war.” 

Ambazonians, be wise! Devote your energy to what you need to do in order to win the peace, the legal and diplomatic battle for recognition of Ambazonia. As important as the war is, the only truly redeeming fight worth taking on is that of persuading the world to revisit the legal and diplomatic foundations of your stolen or lost international sovereignty.

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