Assets of Jailed Critic Auctioned in Rwanda

KIGALI, RWANDA, 18 JUNE 2018 – Assets from the family and business of Diane Rwigara, a jailed critic of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, have been auctioned by Rwandan authorities. The Rwanda Revenue Authority said it sold the family’s tobacco business for almost $2m....

Hero’s Welcome in Mali for “Spiderman” Gassama

BAMAKO, MALI, 18 JUNE 2018 – The Malian migrant, Mamoudou Gassma, who scaled an apartment block last May 26 in Paris, France, to save a toddler from dropping to its certain death, was given a hero’s welcome during a brief visit to his native Mali. Gassama, 24, sprang...

Outbreak of Ebola-like Haemorrhagic Fever in Kenya

WAJIR COUNTY, KENYA, 17 JUNE 2018 – Five people have been killed in an outbreak of the so-called Rift Valley Fever, an Ebola-like haemorrhagic fever. United Nations health officials have described the Rift Valley Fever as one of the most likely viruses to spark a...
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