N’DJAMENA, 26 December 2020 – More than 80 percent of Chadians do not have access to high quality healthcare, a consumer protection agency has said in a recent report.

A three-year plan (2017-2020) by the Chadian government to provide universal access to healthcare has failed, the report released last week in the Chadian capital, N’Djamena, explained.

Chadian Storytelling Sensitizes on COVID – Photo UN

The authors are leaders of the Association for the Protection of Consumers (ADC).

We call on the Chadian government and the National Assembly to accelerate the process of putting in place the long-promised and awaited Social Insurance Program.

Officials say the new program would, among other things, offer health insurance to all Chadians, Yaya Sidjim, leader of ADC told reporters.

Dying from Lack of Care – Photo UN, Africa Renewal

Only 8 percent of Chadian children aged 12-23 months are completely vaccinated against targeted childhood diseases. An estimated 33 percent of children in that age group have not received a single vaccine.

Chad is one of only a few countries in Sub-Saharan Africa not to have reduced the rate of infant mortality. Other countries in the sub-region reduced their rate by half between 1990 and 2010..

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