ABIDJAN, 17 January 2021 – The main opposition parites in Cote d’Ivoire have called on the country’s electoral commission to delay legislative elections initially scheduled for March 6.

The parties say they would like more time to prepare for the election.

Some of the parties explained that March 6 would work if only the commission could grant additional time for them to file paperwork for their candidates.

Women celebrate the reelection of Ouattara with raised fists - Photo ABC News

Women celebrate the reelection of Ouattara with raised fists – Photo ABC News

Observers say a change in the date of the elections is unlikely without approval by the government of President Alassane Ouattara.

The electoral commission has said it will follow official procedures, which the opposition says is code for only acting if Mr. Ouattara says so.

The commission has denied the accusation, explaining that it takes decisions independently.

Campaigns for the legislative ballot are scheduled to begin next February 26 and should run until March 4.

President Ouattara won re-election for a third term last October with an overwhelming 94.27 percent of the votes cast.

The ballot was marred by deadly violence and boycotted by the opposition, alleging that Ouattara’s run for a third term constituted a violation of constitutional term limits.

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