Kinshasa, 8 February 2019 – The outcome of the last presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been described as the defeat of democracy.

Democracy was defeated in DR Congo, according to two of Africa’s strongest advocates of democracy.

Sudanese mogul, Mo Ibrahim, who runs a foundation of the same name joined Alan Doss, president of the Kofi Annan Foundation in expressing disappointment at what many perceived as cheating in the elections that brought Felix Tshisekedi to power.

Several Western democracies have disputed the outcome of the ballot, citing the fact that results tabulated by the country’s election body, CENI, showed diametrically opposed outcomes.

Results tabulated by 40,000 election monitors deployed by the powerful Catholic Church showed that the election had been won by Martin Fayulu. CENI said their tabulation showed Felix Tshisekedi as the winner.

The results were proclaimed after what has been described as “intense negotiations”.

Mo Ibrahim and Alan Doss expressed worry that the international community is warming up to the new president.

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