DJIBOUTI CITY, 24 December 2020 – The President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh on Wednesday granted audience in Djibouti City to Somaliland President Moussa Bihi Abdi.

Djibouti has been mediating negotiations between Somalia and Somaliland for several years now.

Mediating Somalia-Somaliland Talks – Photo AfricaNews

Not much progress has been made in convincing leaders of Somaliland to give up their quest for restoration of independence in favor of staying within a “united Somalia”.

The Somaliland leader is on a working visit to Djibouti as part of a campaign seeking recognition for Somaliland as Africa’s 55thsovereign country.

Somaliland Presidents Arrives Djibouti

In a statement from the state house in the capital, Djibouti government officials said the two leaders discussed cooperation, partnership and sub-regional security.

News reporting on the meeting pointed to the one thing that was not mentioned in the official statement that was probably at the heart of every conversation: independence for Somaliland as a sovereign country alongside Somalia.

Source: National Public Radio

Djibouti hosted a recent summit of IGAD member states to resolve the diplomatic row between Kenya and Somalia over the former’s decision to upgrade its mission in Hargesia, capital of Somaliland, from a liaison office to a consulate.

The decision by Kenya triggered a break-up in diplomatic relations between Nairobi and Mogadishu and a recall of ambassadors.

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