PARIS, 8 June 2021 – Congolese songwriter and singer, Aime Nkanu, has reported an attack on his person to French police, calling it a hate crime.

The artist has shared photos of himself on his Facebook page, showing his swollen forehead, with cuts to some areas of his face.

Aime Nkanu Assaulted in France - Photo BBC

Aime Nkanu Assaulted in France – Photo BBC

Aime Nkanu - Photo BBC

French Police Alerted of Assault – Photo BBC

In a write-up on Facebook Nkanu said his attacker was an Algerian man, adding that the motivation for the attack was racism.

“Our Arabic-speaking brothers must stop with this complex and violence against black people,” Nkanu wrote on Facebook.

He added that he had forgiven his attacker.

Nkanu is, however, urging French police to investigate the attack.

The artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is into praise music and most of his songs are inspired by Gospel teachings, focused on sharing Christian messages.

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