KINSHASA, 10 January 2021 – Six park rangers have been killed in an ttack at the Virunga National Park in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo).

The attack on Sunday morning has been blamed on the Mai Mai militia.

Gorillas in Virunga Park

Gorillas in Virunga Park – Photo The Guardian

The group, which is only one of several armed groups operating in easern DR Congo.

The Mai Mai has neither claimed responsibility nor denied the accusation.

Virunga Park is a UNESCO World Heritrage Site and the home to endangered mountain gorillas that local Congolese hunt for meat.

Thirteen park rangers were killed in another ambush in the park in April 2020.

Elephants crossing a road in Virunga Park

Elephants going for a little walk on a dirt road that crosses the Virunga Park – Source Britannica Kids

One park ranger was injured in the ambush Sunday morning, according to a local government delegate, who explained that two members of the Mai Mai militia were also killed.

Virunga Park is Africa’s oldest nature reserve guarded by nearly 700 armed rangers.

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