CAIRO, 9 February 2021 – Egypt’s olest political party, Al-Wafd, has expelled eight high-ranking members, according to an announcement Tuesday.

The eight given marching orders over internal rifts include two members of Egypt’s newly-elected House of the Representatives and Senate.

Bahaaeddin Abu Shoka of Al-Wafd - Photo Ahram Online

Bahaaeddin Abu Shoka – Photo Ahram Online

The accused were allegedly involved in a “great conspiracy” against Al-Wafd, the party’s chairperson, Bahaaeddin Abu Shoka, told a press conference in Cairo Tuesday.

The goal of the plot is to “take control of the party’s organization and to marginalize its chairperson,” Shoka added.

The announcement alleged that the expelled officials were plotting to hold a meeting next Saturday to discuss the party’s finances.

The allegations are that the meeting was planning to pass a vote of no confidence in the chairperson of the party, to unseat the party’s Secretary-General and to rule to diminish the role of the party chairperson.


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