CAIRO, 9 January 2021 – All coronavirus patients in an intensive care unit in Egypt died after the oxygen supply to the ward failed, health officials have confirmed.

The confirmation came only after video shot and posted on social media by the relative of one of the patients – 66-year-old Fatma Al-Sayed Ibrahim – went viral online.

Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed initially drenied the video account of what had happened, blaming the Muslim Brotherhood of speading rumors and false information.

Medical Staff Attend to COVID-19 Patient

Medical Staff Attend to COVID-19 Patient – Photo Arab News

Dr. Muhammad Sami Al-Najjar, the director of El Husseineya Central Hospital in Egypt’s Ash Sharqia province, where the accident occurred, emulated the example set by his health minister.

Location of Egypt on African Map

Location of Egypt on African Map – Source World Maps

He claimed that the situation was normal, adding that the patients had died not from lack of oxygen but from natural causes, from old age or other chronic diseases.

The governor of Ash Sharqia, DMamdouh Gorab, followed in their footsteps, claiming that four patients, rather than the whole ward, died.

Hospital officials later admitted that it was, indeed, the sudden drop of oxygen supply level in the ward to below two percent that is to blame for the tragedy.

As a result, there was neither enough pressure nor enough oxygen to keep the patients alive, an audit of the situation has now confirmed.

It is the second such accident at a hospital in Egypt, after oxygen malfunctioned with all COVID-19 patients in another internsive care unit at Zefta General Hospital perished.

The reports continue to obfuscate when it comes to stating the number of patients who died.

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