CAIRO, 15 January 2021 – Egyptian judicial authorities are pursuing human trafficking charges against two TikTok female stars who were acquitted and ordered released from prison earlier this week.

The decision by the public prosecutor for Cairo effectively means that the two TikTok stars – Haneen Hossam and Mawada al-Adham – will remain remanded in custody, instead of being released from prison.

Mawada Al Adham (Right) and Haneen Hossam

Mawada Al Adham (Right) and Haneen Hossam-Photo Egypt Monitor

in the absence of bail, the two will go from jail to face the human trafficking charges passed by prosecution.

The Egyptian justice ministry claims that the two ladies exploited teenage girls by encouraging them to post content on media that, in the view of prosecution, amounted to debauchery.

The two were condemned to two years in prison on those charges and had spent nine months in prison already before the appeal court earlier this week acquitted them and ordered them released from prison.

Observers suggest that the Egyptian authorities who seek to uphold their country’s conservative values are achieving the opposite effect by pursuing what is effectively martyrdom of the two ladies.

The more Egyptian courts have gone after the two, the more popular they have become online and the more likely they are to influence Egyptian women beyond their own wildest imaginations, read one comment posted on Facebook Thursday.

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