ACCRA, 30 December 2020 – Popular Nigerian singer and song writer Davido says he is going to continue making music and entertaining millions of his fans.

The statement is a complete U-turn on earlier reports that he was quitting the industry after reportedly getting in a fist fight with fellow Nigerian musician Burna Boy.

Reports say the two got in a scuffle after Burma Boy reportedly “trespassed” by crossing to the side of Twist Club and Lounge in Accra, Ghana’s capital, where Davido and his friends were partying.

Bouncers at Twist Club and Lounge ejected Burna Boy from the club, according to a report in Punch newspaper, citing Steven Mingle, an eyewitness to the brawl who has posted several videos of the incident on his Instagram handle (Ghhyper1), and other social media platforms.

“Davido was having fun with his guys,” Mingle told The Punch.

“I saw Burna Boy and at least six hefty men. When Burna Boy entered, he did not come to chill there because he just came to attack Davido. He just went straight to Davido,” Mingle added.

“Just like boxing face-off. The next thing, blows started flying. The girls and people inside Twist Lounge had to run. I also ran”.

Mingle added that the security officers at the club immediately asked Burna Boy to leave the premises.

The two singers have previously taken shots at each other, bragging to fans about being the better of the two rivals.

The fact that the two musicians have competing shows coming up in Accra, the Ghanaian capital, may be partly to blame for tempers overflowing and leading to the scuffle in the club.

Davido’s three best loved songs in 2020 – Holy Ground, Nicki Minaj and Mayorkurn – peaked on at number two, number three and number six.

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