MALABO, 17 March 2021 – Hospitals remain overwhelmed with patients in Bata, Equatorial Guinea, ten days after 105 people were killed and 615 injured in explosions.

International partnes who have been offering support to Equatorial Guinea since the explosions say they are seeing an influx after the government made treatment free of charge for all.

Source Modern Ghana

Source Modern Ghana

The Injured Getting Medical Care - Photo TVGE/Reuters

The Injured Getting Medical Care – Photo TVGE/Reuters

Many patients who were trying to overcome their injuries at home are finally seeking more appropriate, life-saving medical care in hospitals, according to the country’s health ministry.

According to Col Noam Fink, the chief medic of the Israeli Defense Forces providing assistance in Bata, the patients they are seeing have been badly traumatized.

United Nations agencies are providing temporary shelter for over 1,000 people who were left homeless after the explosions.

The explosions rocked the Nkoa Ntoma military base in Bata, close to the country’s border with neighboring Cameroon.

Explosions Rocked Bata Killing 105 - Photo News Track English

Explosions Rocked Bata Killing 105 – Photo News Track English

The base houses special forces, gendarmes and their families and the bulk of the victims are either soldiers or members of their families.

Images of the base and neighboring residences are akin to a war zone, with houses flattened and roofs ripped off as if by a tropical storm.

Almost all buildings and homes in the city suffered “huge damage”, Equato-Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbazogo told the nation in a statement broadcast by state television TVGE.

Last Thursday, Obiang Nguema Mbazogo levied blame, anew, on the military for “negligence” in storing ammunition so close to residential areas.

The explosions went off over a period of several hours on Sunday, according to eyewitnesses and survivors.

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