ADDDIS ABABA, 17 March 2021 – The situation in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region “remains extremely concerning”, the UN’s humanitarian affairs agency (OCHA) has said.

Fighting has continued in the region despite Ethiopian federal forces declaring victory.

Hospitals Looted and Vandalized - Photo Times Colonist

Hospitals Looted and Vandalized – Photo Times Colonist

Ethiopia's Northern Tigray Region

Ethiopia’s Northern Tigray Region

Ousted Tigrayan leaders are on the run but have vowed to fight on.

Thousands of civilians have been killed and nearly half of the region’s six million inhabitants have been impacted by the armed conflict.

In only two days of massacres – 28 and 29 November 2020 – troops from neighboring Eritrea killed 800 people, according to a report issued last month by Amnesty International.

The report cites detailed accounts by eyewitnesses, survivors and clergy in the holy city of Aksum where the massacres occurred.

“Many people [in Tigray] remain in hard-to-reach areas due to insecurity, logistical and administrative hurdles,” OCHA added.

Hospitals Vandalized in Tigray - Photo BBC

Hospitals Vandalized in Tigray – Photo BBC

People in the region are facing a “devastating” impact following the destruction of most health facilities, medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (SDF) has revealed.

The region’s hospitals and health centers have been seriously vandalized and their equipment looted, MSF said.

Nearly 70 percent of the facilities were “deliberately” attacked to prevent them from functioning.

MSF said during visits between December 2020 and early March 2021, its members found that only 13 percent of 106 health facilities were operating normally.

Ethiopian government officials in the region have contradicted the report, claiming that the facilities and health services have been restored.

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