ADDIS ABABA, 3 November 2020 – At least 32 people have been killed by gunmen who set homes ablaze in an attack in western Ethiopia.
Government and security officials in the capital, Addis Ababa, have blamed the attack in Oromia State on the rebel Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

The attack occurred in Ethopia’s western Guliso district.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has said the attack was carried out by up to 60 “armed and unarmed assailants”.
Locals told reporters that dozens of people were rounded up and executed while livestock was stolen by the killers.
“After collecting us, they opened fire on us, and then afterwards looted cattle and burnt down houses,” the French News Agency (AFP) reported.
Ethnic attacks have risen significantly in Ethiopia ever since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in April 2018 and embarked on a major push for peace both within Ethiopia and with former arch rival Eritrea.
Following the killing last June of popular Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa, several armed attacks left more than 150 people killed.
The OLA, a breakaway wing of the Oromo Liberation Front has staged bomb attacks.


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