WASHINGTON, DC, 18 December 2020 – Former United States Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs Ambassador Herman J. Cohen says Ethiopia’s conflict has become a humanitarian disaster.

The conflict “has effectively ended all prospects for democracy and true federalism,” Ambassador Cohen wrote Friday on Twitter.

“Let us hope at least that Ethiopia’s vibrant economy survives this calamity to provide some future for Ethiopia’s people,” Ambassador Cohen adds in the tweet.

IDPs from Tigray – Photo Human Rights Watch

On Friday, the United States government said it was “gravely concerned by the worsening humanitarian situation that has resulted from the ongoing conflict in the Tigray Region”.

The statement signed by Acting Deputy Administrator of USAID John Barsa urged “all parties to ensure full, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access into the Tigray Region for aid organizations, not only to deliver relief supplies but also to maintain a presence on the ground to provide life-saving assistance and basic social services safely to people affected and displaced by the conflict”.

American Assistance to Tigray – Photo USAID

The statement also called on all parties “to respect human rights and international humanitarian law, including protecting aid workers, civilians, and civilian infrastructure, such as houses, schools, and health centers”.

The United Nations estimates that 1.1 million people are in need of emergency aid because of this conflict, in addition to the 850,000 people in the region who were already receiving some form of assistance.

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