ADDIS ABABA, 13 February 2021 – Medical professionals attending to Jawar Mohammed and other prisoners on hunger strike have stopped providing care over their inability to transfer his deputy to a private care facility.

The health of the deputy leader of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) Bekele Gerba, has seriously deteriorated, doctors said Saturday.

Main Ethiopian Opposition Leader Jawar Mohammed - Photo

Ethiopian Opposition Leader Jawar Mohammed – Photo

The OFC deputy leader is feeble from being on hunger strike since last January 27, only drinking water.

A federal court ruling authorizing the prisoners who need treatment to have access to medical professionals of their request.

After medical staff reached agreement with the prison administration to move Bekele to a private facility, the prison authorities went back on the deal, refusing to let him leave jail for medical care.

Ethiopian Political Prisoners - Photo

Ethiopian Political Prisoners – Photo

Laboratory tests run for Bekele indicated that the damage to his kidney is worsening and that electrolytes and nutrients in his body are depleted, putting his heart at risk, Dr. Illili Jamal, who is leading the medical team told Addis Standard.

“He has underlying conditions of hypertension,” she said, adding “we finally convinced him to seek medical treatment after weeks of refusal,” Dr. Jamal added.

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