MEKELLE, 27 December 2020 – The interim government of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region has said it is working to replace high post officers of the restive region.

New administration officers have started replacing federal and regional bureau officers, the Capital newspaper cited Mulu Nega, CEO of the new interim government as saying.

Dr. Mulu Nega Addis Standard

The move is part of the reorganization of the region which has been locked in an armed conflict with federal forces from the central government in Addis Ababa since last November 4.

Most of the officers being replaced were appointed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) whose forces are engaged in the military campaign with federal forces.

Last November 29, the federal government announced that it had completed the military operations in Tigray and that its forces had full control of the region.

Ethiopian Federal Forces in Tigray – Photo Deutsche Welle

Leaders of the TPLF have continuously said they continue to control parts of the region while pledging to continue to fight.

In order to avoid being seen as working either for the TPLF or the federal government, the interim government is reorganizing administration in the region by cooperating with independent and neutral scholars and political parties operation in the region.

Last week, the Ethiopian government appointed a new mayor for Makelle, the capital of Tigray.

The most urgent priorities of the interim government include resuming social services, including education and health.

Leading a disarmament campaign is also one of the priorities.

Ethiopia’s PM Abin Ahmed

During a visit to the region, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, met with members of the interim government and reaffirmed the support of his government in reconstructing the region.

During the visit, Abiy Ahmed, called on the people of Tigray to cooperation in the effort to bring about justice.

Ever since Friday, 18 December 2020, the federal government announced a 10 million birr bounty for anyone who disclosed the whereabouts of leaders of the TPLF who have gone into hiding or continue to fight from unknown makeshift bases.

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