ADDIS ABABA, 26 February 2021 – The federal high court in Addis Ababa on Thursday acquitted Lamroi Kamal, one of the suspects in the assassination of Oromo artist Hachalu Hundessa.

Kamal and three other suspects are on trial for their alleged involvement in the assassination.

Oromo artist Hachalu Hundessa - Photo Pinterest

Hachalu Hundessa – Photo Pinterest

Oromo Artist Hundessa - Photo CGTN Africa

Oromo Artist Hundessa – Photo CGTN Africa

She was the only woman with the prominent artist on the night of his assassination on June 29, 2020.

The other three are Tilahun Yami, the main suspect, Kebede Gemechu and Abdi Alemayehu.

Kamal was rearrested after her initial arrest and brief detention during the first week of July 2020.

She was rearrested and charged with conspiring to assassinate the artist.

Mass Protests Turned to Riots after Hundessa's Assassination - Morad on Twitter

Mass Protests Broke Out, Turning into Riots after Hundessa’s Assassination – Source: Morad on Twitter

On Thursday, the federal high court said there was no evidence she was involved, acquitting her on all charges.

On the other hand, the court  ruled that there was sufficient evidencs linking Tilahun Yami, the main suspect, to the assassination.

Additionally, it ruled that there was not sufficient proof to link the other two suspects, Kebede Gemechu and Abdi Alemayehu, directly to the killing.

However, it maintained that the two need to defend charges of related to their failure to report the crime and intent of robbery.

The court adjourned for hearing of the case against the three remaining suspects next March 29-30.

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