CONAKRY, 17 December 2020 – Guinea’s opposition leader Cellou Dalien Diallo has accused the government of Guinean President Alpha Conde of state terrorism.

No fewer than 48 people have been killed in clashes with security forces.

Diallo says repression by security forces since Guinea’s last presidential held last October 18 have led to thousands being thrown into jails.

No fewer than 300 Guineans have sustained bullet wounds, close to 400 others have been arrested and property has been looted and destroyed, according to statement by Diallo.

The opposition leader spoke to reporters at his Diximn home, a day after Alpha Conde was sworn in for a third term of six years at the helm of the West African nation.

Alpha Conde was declared winner of the presidential ballot during the first round of voting.

Alpha Conde garnered 53.84 percent of the votes cast making a runoff unnecessary, according to official results.

Diallo has accused the National Elections Commission and the Constitutional Court, which certifies the vote, of reversing the election results by declaring the loser the winner, and vice versa.

Diallo called on his supporters to reorganize themselves in order to decry what he called state terrorism instituted by Alpha Conde.

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