BANGUI, CAR, 11 JUNE 2018 – The United Nations has condemned acts of intimidation targeting UN staff and patients in the Central African Republic (CAR).

The acts by men armed with machetes, knives, clubs and other crude weapons entered hospitals in the past few months. The most recent such acts of intimidation, according to the UN, occurred in the town of Bambari.

Terrified relatives moved their relations prematurely out of the hospital while they were still receiving treatment in an effort to get them out of harm’s way.

The UN says it is unable to put its finger on who is perpetrating the attacks, which seem to be ethnically motivated.

Humanitarian workers in Bambari have been among those targeted with nine compounds housing them attacked and looted during the month of May 2018 alone.

CAR has been in turmoil since Muslim-backed rebels drove President Francois Bozize from power more than five years ago.

The UN was criticized in April 2018 for its role in the slaying of 28 people during an effort by UN peacekeepers and security forces to clear a predominantly Muslim neighborhood of armed groups in the capital, Bangui.

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