NAIROBI, 4 November 2020 – Kenya has announced new and stricter measures to fight the new coronavirus (COVID-19) as the pandemic surges in the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said the country’s “positivity rate has shot up four times from September”, describing October 2020 as the “most tragic month in our fight against COVID-19.”

Strict measures adopted at the onset of the pandemic in the East African nation had been eased in August 2020 only for infections to spike.

Under new guidelines put in place by Kenya’s Ministry of Health, all political gatherings have been suspended for the next 60 days. Bars must close by 9pm and a night curfew – from 10pm to 4am – will be strictly enforced.

Kenyatta also ordered civil servants aged above 50 years or with pre-exiting health conditions to work from home.

All government meetings will be held virtually, according to the new measures.

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