NAIROBI, 4 February 2021 – Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday accused opponents of his hustler movement as being locked in a colonial mindset.

The hustler movement promotes the downtrodden of Kenya, symbolized by those starting businesses in the informal sector relying largely on a wheelbarrow as their shop, warehouse and transport facility.

Ruto on Facebook

Ruto says “the story of wheelbarrows is a complex economic program which has rattled the rich people”.

The Kenyan Deputy President blames the rich for selling trickle-down economics, which he says does not work, compared to the kind of bottom-up approach that is symbolized by the wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow is a wave that lifts all boats, the Kenyan Deputy President has argued.

“Those opposed to this narrative have colonial minds that make them believe that it is only a few people that should be empowered,” Ruto said during a three-day tour of the Coast, pledging not to stop talking about the downtrodden.

Ruto has promised to allocate an additional $910,746 (Sh100 million) per year to small business promoters if he is successful in next year’s general election.

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