MONROVIA, 6 April 2021 – Groups of women have launched a campaign – Lappa Revolution – which seeks to compel menfolk to deepen gender balance in Liberia’s politics.

Lappa Revolution is taking aim at mobilizing more female candidates to run for elected office, notably, to run for parliament.

Liberia - Source Britannica

Liberia – Source Britannica

Liberia's Lappa Revolution - FrontPageAfrica

Liberia’s Lappa Revolution – FrontPageAfrica

“We in Liberia …don’t have institutions that give us the basic services we need,” one of the campaign organizers, MacDella Cooper, told the BBC on Tuesday.

Cooper said service delivery to women that is dependent on government and the public sector will not improve until women get more involved with policy-making, budget allocation, and government action.

Gender-based violence and rape have increased and the laws meant to protect women are not enforced, Cooper lamented.

“The women are on fire, the women are very upset – and they are now standing up and taking action,” Cooper said.

MacDella Cooper on Twitter

MacDella Cooper on Twitter

Lappa Revolution Rally

Liberian Ladies at a Lappa Revolution Rally

“In 2021, we still have a very high maternal death rate. Because of lack of representation issues affecting the lives of women that could be easily resolved by having agencies of government functioning, are not serving us,” Cooper said.

More than 50 percent of Liberia’s population is female.

The country was one of Africa’s first nations to elect a female president in the person of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

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