MONROVIA, 26 July 2021 – Liberians on social media are slamming a cabinet minister in the president’s office for burying his mother in an expensive mausoleum.

Presidential Affairs Minister Nathaniel McGill built a miniature royal home to serve as a grave for her mother, buried last week in Monrovia.

Liberia - Source Pambazuka News

Liberia – Source Pambazuka News

Excessive Spending for a Funeral Triggers Wild Criticism - Photo FrontPageAfrica

Excessive Spending for a Funeral Triggers Wild Criticism – Photo FrontPageAfrica

The tomb lies in the middle of columns holding up the structure with a pyramid-style roof.

McGill is the most senior minister in the office of Liberian President George Weah and the expensive funeral and mausoleum are being shared on social media as proof of the kind of wasteful spending Liberia would be better off without.

Liberian Minister McGill on Facebook

Liberian Minister McGill on Facebook

“The extravagance I saw today shocked me to my core,” one critic, Benjamin Yeagar, wrote on Facebook, describing it as “a complete insensitive display of wealth”.

Another commentator called the extravagance “useless showmanship”.

A supporter of the minister pushed back, writing: “only heartless individuals will bully someone who is grieving for the loss of his/her loved one. This is no politics. It is called evil”.

Only a few days earlier, a staff in the office of McGill had come under harsh criticism on social media when a video of his spraying expensive champagne on a car he had bought for his wife as a birthday gift went viral on Liberian social media platforms.

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