MONROVIA, 18 January 2021 – Liberia’s ministry of transport has introduced luxury vehicle number plates with an eye on the extra cash these will deliver to the public treasury.

Described as “luxury” or “vanity” vehicle plates, the tags will cost owners between $1,000 and $1,500 annually.

Plates assigned to Liberian MPs - Photo The Liberian Observer

Plates assigned to Liberian MPs – Photo The Liberian Observer

The cost is at least a 900 percent increase on regular vehicle plates which cost $100 annually.

The plates will give a personal, “one of a kind” touch to the plates of “the few, and the rich”, according to media reporting from the capital, Monrovia.

Car owners will be able to choose which letters and which numbers go on their plate, so long as those the numbers and letters sought have not yet been requested and purchased by someone else.

Liberia’s ministry of transport is making no secret of the fact that its main objective of launching issuance of the plates is to raise revenue.

International funding used to represent a significant of funding for Liberia, but those funds are drying up fast as the United Nations peacekeeping mission that used to provide security to the country wind down operations, pack up and leave.

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