KUFRA, 22 February 2021 – Judicial authorities in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, are investigating six traffickers arrested in a raid in which 156 African migrants were also set free.

Detained in a house transformed into a private prison in the city of Kufra, the migrants included 15 women and five children.

Libyan Illegal Detention Centers - Photo Time Magazine

Libyan Illegal Detention Centers – Photo Time Magazine

Prosecutors said the migrants were tortured in detention, and the women were sexually assaulted.

The raid was last February 16, but paperwork charing the traffickers did not take place unitl last Sunday.

The migrants rescued are from Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan.

Libya is an important transit point for African and Arab migrants fleeing war and poverty to Europe.

Migrants who have been deported from Libya have told stories of horror, inlcuding accounts of African migrants being sold as slaves, sex slaves or as house help.

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