TRIPOLI, 27 January 2021 – A paramilitary guard charged with safeguarding the oil ports of Libya has ordered a halt to the export of crude oil at two terminals.

The group says the suspension will be in force until a pay hike they seek is finalized.

Libyan National Oil Corporation - Photo Russian TV

Libyan National Oil Corporation – Photo Russian Television

The union representing Petroleum Facilities Guard ordered crude loading operations to halt indefinitely at the ports of Hariga and Ras Lanuf in eastern Libya.

A tanker that was being loaded at the time of the order is being allowed to complete loading, but the group says it will be the last tanker until a deal is reached.

The civil war in Libya led to a blockade of almost all the ports of the country until last September when exports rose from nearly zero to nearly 1.25 million barrels daily.

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