CAIRO, 15 February 2021 – The NATO-led intervention which toppled Muammar Gaddafi in Libya ten years ago was a bid to take control of Libyan resources, a former official said Monday.

“It was a planned effort by Western countries to destroy Libya in an attempt to gain control over its oil and take advantage of its strategic position by promoting their agents at the head of the country,” said Moussa Ibrahim, a former government spokesperson during Gaddafi’s reign.

Gaddafi - Photo Black Opinion

Gaddafi – Photo Black Opinion

Moussa Ibrahim - Photo The Telegraph

Moussa Ibrahim – Photo The Telegraph

Another reasons NATO came after Gaddafi was to thwart the former Libyan leader’s vision to liberate the rest of Africa from Western hegemony, Moussa Ibrahim said in an interview with Sputniik.

NATO Bombings of Libya - Photo Global Civilians for Peace in Libya

NATO Bombings of Libya – Photo Global Civilians for Peace in Libya

The ex-Libyan leader, according to his ex-spokesperson, was planning to establish a central African bank that would have freed African countries from the global financial system.

The former Libyan government spokesperson said Gaddafi was also preparing to adopt a uniform gold currency for the African continent.

According to Moussa Ibrahim, the currency was going to be called the Afro and was, reportedly conceived as a substitute for the U.S. dollar.

“These actions caused fears in the West. They demanded Libya to stop this program. Muammar Gaddafi rejected these threats,” Moussa Ibrahim told Sputnik during the interview in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

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