TRIPOLI, 13 February 2021 – The newly-elected head of Libya’s presidential council Mohammed Al-Menfi has been accused of betraying the February 17 Revolution.

The Libyan Democratic Party (LDP) criticized Al-Menfi after he traveled to and met in Benghazi with Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar, described by the LDP as a “war criminal”.

Al-Menfi Meets with Haftar - Photo Mohamed Eljarh on Twitter

Al-Menfi Meets with Haftar – Photo Mohamed Eljarh on Twitter

The LDP referred to the meeting Al-Menfi and the defeated field marshal as a “crime against the nation and a shame that will not be forgotten”, according to an LDP statement cited by Libyan Express

Al-Menfi is betraying the sacrifices of those who gave their lives in the February 17 Revolution, the statement added.

Haftar should be a thing of the past after his ‘crushing defeat’ in Tripoli but that president Al-Menfi is bringing him back to life by acknowledging him.

The LDP said Al-Menfi should have started his trip to Benghazi with a visit to the grave of Hanane Al-Barassi, the lawyer who was killed in late 2020 by suspected associates of Khalifa Haftar.

Instead, the statement regretted, Al-Menfi chose to “betray the blood of the martyrs and join the military camp of dictatorship”.

“We in the Democratic Party tell Mr. Al-Menfi that your political future has ended before it had the chance to begin and that this heinous crime of yours has made you an enemy of the glorious revolution of February 17”.

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