TRIPOLI, 6 March 2021 – Libya’s interim prime minister designate Abdulhamid Dbeibeh has submitted a list of cabinet nominees for parliamentary approval.

Parliament is due to meet Monday in an undisclosed frontline city to discuss and approve members of the new unity government.

Libyan PM Designate Abdulhamid Dbeibeh - Photo Arab News

PM Designate Abdulhamid Dbeibeh – Photo Arab News

New Government Awaited - Photo Daily Sabah

New Government Awaited – Photo Daily Sabah

Dbeibeh submitted the list late Thursday, according to a statement published Friday by his office in the capital, Tripoli.

He did not disclose those whose names he has submitted to the House of Representatives, as the Libyan parliament is known.

Asharq Al-Awsat on Friday cited aides of Dbeibeh as saying the cabinet will be formed of 26 ministers at most, including six women.

The interim prime minister designate was elected last month in Geneva by 75 Libyans at a United Nations-facilitated meeting convened to unite Libya behind a single authority ahead of natonal elections convened for next December 24.

Zones of Control - Source ABC

Zones of Control – Source ABC

Ceasefire Holds as Interim Government is Awaited in Libya - Photo BBC

Ceasefire Holds, Interim Government Awaited in Libya – Photo BBC

Each cabinet member has been debated in intense negotiations involving Libya’s fractious factions and politicians.

Libya is essentially split in two beteen the Government of National Accord (GNA) based in Tripoli and recognized by the international community and a rival administration in the east, where military commander Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) has control.

The parliament meeting to discuss Dbeibeh’s cabinet is expected to be in Sirte, a central coastal city held by the LNA near to where frontlines stabilized when its assault on Tripoli failed last year.

A woman brandishing a rifle in Benghazi - Photo Abdullah Dome, AFP via Getty Images

A woman brandishing a rifle during a protests in the eastern city of Benghazi – Photo Abdullah Dome, AFP via Getty Images

Some eastern-based members of parliament have said the meeting should not debate the proposed cabinet until the UN releases a report by a panel of experts into allegations of corruption in the process that select Dbeibeh as prime minister designate.

Others, based in the West, have rejected a meeting in Sirte, citing the continued presence there of “foreign” mercenaries.

If the parliament does not ratify Dbeibeh’s cabinet, the UN talks participants have said they can do so instead.

Observers warned Friday that if this were to happen, it would undermine the legitimacy of the interim government.

On Thursday, the UN said it had sent a small advance team to Sirte to help a committee drawn from the warring sides to monitor the ceasefire.

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