BLANTYRE, 18 February 2021 – Police in the Malawian town of Blantyre have arrested four men who used bank notes to decorate Valentine’s Day bouquets, news reports say.

Police were led to the men by photos of the bouquets wrapped in bank notes posted on social media platforms like WhatsApp.

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Birthday Flowers - Photo The Birthday Best

Flowers – Photo The Birthday Best

The men had used 2,000 kwacha notes (worth about $2.60) to wrap the flowers.

A senior investigator of the Malawi Central Bank’s Investigation Office, Emmanuel Malasa, said the men were arrested for willfully damaging bank notes.

The four stand accused of the “unlawful use of currency” and may be liable for a fine of up to 5bn kwacha ($6.4m) if found guilty, the police said.

The four have pleaded not guilty.

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