BLANTYRE, 25 January 2021 – Malawi’s former President Peter Muharika and former first lady Gertrude, have lost their case before the country’s High Court to regain access to their bank accounts.

The court ruled on a technicality, declaring that the court order challenged by the former first couple was not valid on the day the application was filed – last November 25.

Former Malawian First Couple - Photo Malawi Nyasa Times

Former Malawian First Couple – Photo Malawi Nyasa Times

According to the ruling, the first couple could access their bank accounts on the day they filed their case.

The accounts were frozen last August pending trial after Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau
(ACB) accused the former first couple of alleged financial crimes.

The accusation is that the Muharikas benefited from a $6 million contract that has become known as the cement scandal.

The ex-president denies any wrongdoing.

He told the High Court that he needed access to the bank accounts in order to foot his bills, including fees for lawyers representing the former first couple in the case.

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