BAMAKO, 1 January 2021 – Natural disasters claimed thousands of lives in Mali in 2020, according to a report on civilian protection released Wednesday in the capital, Bamako.

Road accidents killed no fewer than 655 people in the 14,731 incidents reported to police in the course of 2020.

Mali: Deadly 2020 Natural Disasters

Some 29,940 people were injured in the 14,731 road accidents reported to police, according to Major Colonel Seydou Doumbia, the director general of Civilian Protection.

The year 2019 recorded a higher number of accidents reported (15,925) as well as a higher number of persons injured in accidents (27,184).

Flash flooding killed 39 people, Major General Doumbia told journalists during a press conference

The region worst affected by floods was Segou where, according to the report, eight of the 39 people drowned in the flood waters which hit 69 villages.

Mali: Deadly 2020 Natural Disasters

A total of 11,019 homes were destroyed in the floods, which left 25 people injfured and more than 80,000 others homeless or internally displaced.

Some 7,030 tons of cereal were lost as flood waters covered 274 hectares of fields for several weeks at a time.

Cattle rearers lost 527 cows to floods which also destroyed 67 poultry farms.

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