BAMAKO, 3 November 2020 – Airstrikes by French forces have killed more than 50 suspected Islamist jihadists in Mali.
French Defense Minister, Florence Parly, said Monday that the strike on 30 October 2020 was a major blow to al-Qaeda.

The operation was in central Mali.

According to the French, four of the suspected terrorists were captured alive, after drone surveillance spotted a motorcycle caravan bearing the jihadists.
French defense officials said the insurgents hid under trees but two Mirage fighter jets and a drone were used to launch precision missile attacks in which they were “neutralized”.
The local jihadist group in Mali is known as the Support Group for Islam and Muslims.
The minister spoke from Bamako where he arrived after meeting earlier with the President of Niger.
The French recently exchanged 200 jihadist prisoners for the release of four French captives, including a 75-year-old.
France has more than 5,000 soldiers in the Sahel Region deployed to fight Islamist jihadists.

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