MOPTI, 25 February 2021 – Two soldiers have been killed and at least seven others injured in an ambush on a military convoy in the northern region of Mopti, an army statement said Wednesday.

The attack by suspected jihadists targeted the convoy of an army resupply team led by members of Mali’s Rapid Intervention Company No. 53.

Mali and Neighbors - Source BBC

Mali and Neighbors – Source BBC

Two Soldiers Killed in Convoy in Northern Mali - Photo Naharnet

Convoy in Mali – Photo Naharnet

The mission was traveling from Sevare to Konna at the time of the attack, the army statement said, describing the attackers as “armed terrorists”.

Military command in the capital, Bamako, said Wednesday that “ground and air reinforcements immediately moved towards the ambush site” soon after it was reported.

Malian armed and security forces have come under repeated and more deadly armed attacks in the Mopti region since 2012.

Tuareg radicals in the northern parts of Mali turned to arms in 2012 – the latest round of such violent uprising – seeking to set up either an autonomous region or an independent Tuareg Republic which they named Azawad Republic.

Dreams of Azawad Republic Fuel Violence - Photo Springtime of Nations Blogger

Azawad Republic Dreams Fuel Violence – Photo Springtime of Nations Blogger

Malian Soldiers Stand Guard - Photo Dunya News

Malian Soldiers Stand Guard in Mopti – Photo Dunya News

French soldiers have been deployed in the region since 2015 to fight the rebels alongside Malian troops.

The French have expanded their presence beyond Mali, transforming into a force for the Sahel region.

Thousands of soldiers have been killed in Mali ever since the beginning of the armed insurrection.

The rebels in northern Mali and the jihadists who support them have been blamed for armed insurrections in neighboring Niger and Burkina Faso.

Several armed groups operate in the Mopti region and, as of Wednesday evening, no group had claimed responsibility for the attack.

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