MoRISC Statement on Cameroon-UK Gas Deal

BUEA, AMBAZONIA, 14 JUNE 2018 – In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the United Kingdom (UK) conspired to deny Southern Cameroons (present-day Republic of Ambazonia) independence as a stand-alone country on the demonstrably false claim that the territory was not economically viable.

The Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC) described the oil deal as “illegal, likely corrupt and definitely dripping with blood.”

Fifty-seven years later, the UK is back, sealing a gas deal (through New Age African Global Energy) that enables London to loot the natural resources of same supposedly non-viable territory.

MoRISC reminds London that the Etinde gas field deal (worth over 1.5 billion pounds) is a poorly masked bribe for London to deny Ambazonia recognition and maintain her in colonial bondage. The silence by Cameroon since the deal was signed, strengthens suspicions that partners to it may have bribed Cameroonian officials the same way they have done elsewhere in Africa. It is a new low for London’s callousness to imagine that the visit earlier this year to Cameroon by the UK Minister for Africa Harriet Baldwin may have been used to finalize such a blood-soaked deal.

Any deal sealed between New Age African Global Energy and Cameroon is null and void. On 1st October 2017, the Sovereign People of Ambazonia restored their stolen independence in keeping with United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution 1608(XV) granting our people independence; and consistent with UNGA1541 on our right to peaceful separation.

MoRISC is appalled that London has chosen not to decry the genocidal violence in Ambazonia; that it has sided with Yaounde in thinking that the few hundred jobs promised under the gas export line envisaged under this project outweigh the need for London to uphold its 1961 vote in favor of our independence and our people’s inalienable right to self-determination.

MoRISC seizes this opportunity to call the attention of UK Members of Parliament to a highly biased 14-page briefing document of 6 June 2018 to the UK House of Commons that concludes that “it is impossible to judge how much support the cause of full independence has on the ground [in Ambazonia] today” while stating that “plenty would probably still be satisfied by a return to meaningful federalism.”. It is, in fact, easy to know. Call a referendum. After all, what is good for Scotland must be good for Ambazonia… unless it’s all about racism.

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